Tripcode Explorer

Tripcode Explorer is a program that allows you to find words or patterns in tripcodes. It was created by a Japanese person for use on 2channel.

Tripcode Explorer, like all other tripcode searchers (Tripper/Tripper+, tripcrunch, etc), searches by generating random tripcodes and then searching for your text in the results.

Tripcode Explorer is so far the fastest available CPU-based tripcode brute forcer.

This program will also cause your processor to generate more heat than what most benchmarking programs cause. The difference is usually a few degrees Celsius.

The tenth, last character in a tripcode result can only be one of the following: .26AEIMQUYcgkosw
It is impossible for any other character to be at the end of a tripcode, so it is useless to search for such.

Tripcode Explorer 2

Further development on Tripcode Explorer was planned. It was to become Shareware, but with possibly significant improvements. However, the project fell into development hell and was eventually cancelled.


Q: Which processor is good for brute forcing (or why is mine so slow)?
A (1): Processors with more cores, and/or more processors, will do brute forcing much faster. This wasn't the case with Tripper+ and other programs, but Tripcode Explorer fully supports multithreading and will make full use of all of your processors and cores.
A (2): For Intel processors, Core Microarchitecture based processors will perform this task considerably faster than processors based on Netburst. This means that you should use a Core 2 series processor rather than a Pentium series processor. (Intel's i7 Nehalem processors will perform with similar speed to the Core Microarchitecture processors)
A (3): Processors that support SSE2 can get a significant speed increase when you enable the SSE2 option in Tripcode Explorer.

Q: So how long will it take?
A (1): Due to the nature of searching for tripcodes randomly, it is difficult to judge how long it will take to find your desired tripcode. Setting case-insensitive will of course lead to faster results when your search contains letters (there's no alternate case for numbers, periods, or slashes).
A (2): A search for 5 letters or less (case-insensitive) will give very quick results.

Q: Where is the tripcode list?
A: There is a list of tripcodes inside the archive you recieve when you download Tripcode Explorer from the link below.

Q: Linux version?
A: Tripcode Explorer works in WINE.

Q: Why does my tripcode not work?
A (1): This can happen if your tripcode password contains a second # character (causing a secure tripcode to appear, that's just how 4chan starts secure tripcodes), a Japanese character (especially Yen ; test as Yen AND as a backslash \), or the & character (rarely causes the issue though).
A (2): Enable the ASCII option in options.
A (3): If your tripcode has Japanese characters in the password but the password appears differently outside of Tripcode Explorer, it has likely become obscured by encoding. This can be fixed. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is not. If you would like me to fix it, you can send the tripcode(s) to me via the contact page. Be sure to leave a valid e-mail address for me to respond to.

Q: Can this do secure tripcodes/is there any way to do secure tripcodes?
A: No, secure tripcodes are called secure because we do not know the secret salt used in generating them.

Test a tripcode

Tripcode Explorer (Windows, .7z contains original and translated)
Tripcode Explorer Diagram with embedded archive
Tripcode Explorer Diagram without embedded archive

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